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KRISTA: One that I hear a lot: Sex for lesbians means oral sex, and that’s all they like. Where did this myth come from? Who started it? I can only think it must have been invented by people who had never seen nor heard about actual lesbian sex, and they just couldn’t get their minds around what we must do in bed.

ARABELLE: I think for a lot of people, once you stray from that idea of penis into vagina, male + female bodies, it gets complicated.

KRISTA: Yeah, it’s like, whoa, there’s no dick—what do we do for sex?! Ohhhh, we must go down on each other. That must be what lesbians call “sex.” Hahaha isn’t that cute, the lesbians think they’re having sex. That’s bullshit, of course—lesbians have sex in lots of different ways. We use our fingers and mouths and bodies and sometimes toys, but we are definitely having sex during all of it. I promise. I think oral sex is super intimate—I would NEVER do it with a girl I’d just met, but I sometimes have sex with girls I’ve just met. But if we didn’t have oral sex, the Official Sex of Lesbians (and the only lesbian sex visible in 99.9% of pornography), did we actually have sex?

01/28/13 at 11:44am
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