Indonesian Police Turn Up the Heat on Immoral Behavior in Pre-Valentine's Day Raids | The Jakarta Globe

Couples across Indonesia had their pre-Valentine’s Day plans interrupted on Wednesday as police and public order officers raided parks, hotel rooms and cemeteries in a campaign against immoral activity.

Late-night lovers were sent scrambling for their motorbikes in Bogor, West Java, after the local Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) raided eight parks, according to reports on The couples were charged with disturbing public order and causing societal unrest before they were taken to the Bogor social agency for education, Bogor Satpol PP chief Hendi Iskandar said.

The teens were released to their parents’ custody.

“Some were sent back to their parents,” Hendi told “The rest were taken to a rehabilitation house.”

Officers also arrested several prostitutes in the raids, he added.

In Bojonegoro, East Java, police raided every hotel room in the city, arresting eight couples accused of adultery, according to The officers reportedly barged in on the couples as they were engaged in “amorous encounters.”


02/15/13 at 11:39am