"From A to B" --> an essay on safety, public transportation, and late night cab rides.


Below, a clip. Read the rest on wbez’s tumblr:

First, he said, “You know, if I wanted to, I could lock this car and take you wherever I wanted to go.”

Then, he locked it. We looked at each other through his mirror. We were riding down the Eisenhower at 3 am. I had spent the evening with a group of friends, but was taking a cab back to my parents’ house back in Oak Park. That was where I lived for the first two years after college. And cabs were often my only resource from the city. I stayed with friends or my sister when I could, but this night I needed to get home. The train was not an option, right? 

“What did you just say?” I asked. I was beginning to panic. I grabbed my cell phone and my inhaler, knowing that I would need both. 

He did a quick glance back and after a long pause, he laughed. 

“Chill, I was just joking,” he said. 

But when did one’s safety become a joking matter? 

03/25/13 at 10:25am
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    Britt touches on something I think often dropped in the gentrification debate in NYC—as much as we must be concerned...
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    Guy’s an asshole.
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    That was one psycho freak you should have pepper sprayed.
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    Below, a clip. Read the rest on wbez’s
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